Public Transit Information

A great way to travel Bermuda is to use the bus and ferry system, which stretches the length of the island.

Find the official Bus and Ferry schedule by clicking the links, which also show each system’s route map.

For more information on fares (the bus and ferry pass), and for the updated Summer FERRY schedule (April – November 2012) click HERE for a PDF.

Post Offices: You can purchase a bus/ferry pass at post offices in Bermuda. View the post office locations and hours on their website. For guests staying near Flatts Village, bus tokens and passes can also be purchased at the Aquarium.
When you arrive in Bermuda, ask the taxi driver if he or she can stop at a post office on the way to your accommodations, so that one of your can run in and purchase a pass. This will save you a trip to the post office after you’ve settled in.

An important note about taking taxis in Bermuda: When you are not using one of our few recommended drivers (contact information available from us, upon booking), it is important that the taxi driver uses his/her meter while driving you. Extra baggage charges should be determined before you depart. Confirming that the meter is running, and extra charges are discussed beforehand, will ensure you are not unpleasantly surprised upon arrival.
Gratuities are added on top of the metered fare, and are decided using your own discretion.

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