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Whether you are staying a few nights or a few weeks, Bermuda has loads to do for all traveler types. Here you can find ideas and information on some of the things you can do across the island. We have arranged this section into categories so you can browse and discover the island. All the best beaches, museums, day activities, restaurants and service are available here at your leisure. On each page you will find an interactive map which provides photos, location, prices (for menus and admissions) and a brief description of the venue. This resource is designed around an interactive map which you can favourite to your Google Maps and have with you while you are in Bermuda, data free. Plan all your excursions from one place to make sure you don't miss a fun day trip!


Elbow Beach

Bermuda is famous for its stunning south shore beaches, strung along the coast in Paget, Warwick and Southampton. These beaches have soft pink sand, crashing waves, beautiful vistas and the occasional fine dining experience close by. Many of the beaches are accessible by bus, moped or taxi, so pack a beach bag and relax under the sun! Click here to find out where all the best beaches are.

<a href="">Activities</a>

Cliff diving at Admiralty Park, Hamilton

If you are in to more adventurous activities, this is the section for you. As a island with warm water currents all year round, there are extensive coral reefs ringing the island with bright colours, exotic fish and turquoise waters. Over the centuries, many ships have crashed into these reefs, giving explorers like yourself the opportunity to dive the wrecks today. There are also plenty of parks and nature reserves to explore on land, and cliffs to dive off! Here we have information about services to help you get the most out of adventurous attractions!

<a href="">Explore the Island</a>

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Dockyard

Bermuda offers an opportunity to explore its natural beauty, history and culture with a wide variety of excursions and institutes. The island has three major ports: Hamilton, St. George's and Dockyard. Across the entire island however, you can find amazing things to explore, like the Blue Hole nature park, Crystal Caves, colonial forts and towering lighthouses. No matter where you stay on the island, you are always close to everything, since its only 22 miles long! Plan a day excursion to the other end of the island here.

<a href="">Museums and History</a>

Bermuda has a rich history, from the first explorers who landed in the 1600's to the spearheading of Atlantic underwater exploration. There are a selection of exquisite museums scattered across the island where you can immerse yourself for hours. The Royal Naval Dockyard sports the impressive Commissioners House and National Museum of Bermuda while Hamilton offers the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute with the largest private collection of seashell in the world and a natural history of Bermuda. In St. George's, you can experience the early trading days of Bermuda at Tucker House Museum and the Bermuda National Trust Museum. In and around Flatt's Village, there is the Bermuda Aquarium, Verdmont Museum and Botanical Gardens. With so many beautiful museums, you will have stay a few extra days just to see them all! 

<a href="">Restaurants and Nightlife</a>

Bermuda has plenty of restaurants for the travelling foodie! Whether you are staying close to Hamilton or in the West end of the island, there are tons of choices. Looking for pub grub? We have you covered. Maybe interested in a vegan restaurant or local Bermudian food? No worries. Click here to find out where to grab a bit.